Fitty | Size-for-Size Compatibility Vape Pod System

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· Package List: 1*Fitty Battery & 2*Pods

· Tank Volume: 1.0ml

· Tip Type: Snap in

· Battery Capacity: 220mAh

· Connection: Magnetic

· Food Grade PCTG

· Type-C Charging Enabled

· Recommend Use with: Distillate(CBD/D8/D9/HHC/HTE/THCA)

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 Pod: Φ18.5*8.6*45.0(mm)/Φ0.7*0.3*1.8(in)

Battery: 18.5*8.6*86.0(mm)/Φ0.7*0.3*3.4(in)

Tank Volume


Product weight




Central Post Material


Mouthpiece Material

  Food Grade PC

Tank Material

  Food Grade PCTG

Tip Type








Step1. Top Filling

Insert the needle into 2/3 of the oil tank.

Step2. Snap-in Mouthpiece

If the concentrate is as liquid as edible oil, please snap-in the mouthpiece within 90 seconds. If the concentrate is thicker than edible oil, please snap-in the mouthpiece within 180 seconds.

Step3. Finish Filling and Capping

After snap-in the mouthpiece into oil tank, please allow the product sit still for 4 hours before using.

Step4. Final Product

After take off the silicon rubber case, suggest to finish the oil within two weeks. After filling and capping, suggest to put the product upside down(mouthpiece face down)for storage before sales.


Q: How do I fill pods for Artrix devices?
    A: Detailed filling instructions can be found in the manual provided on our online shop site. The oil-filling guidelines for our products will ensure proper usage and a hassle-free experience.


Q: Can I purchase empty pods only?
    A: Yes, we offer the option to purchase empty pods separately. This allows you to fill the pods with your preferred oil, providing flexibility and customization in your vaping experience.


Q: How long does a Pod System pod last before needing replacement?
    A: The lifespan of a pod depends on usage, but on average, it can last between one to two weeks. Replacement pods are available for purchase.


Q: Can I use my Pod System with other oils, or is it only compatible with specific brands?
    A: Artrix Pod Systems are designed to be compatible with a wide range of oils, including Live Resin, distillates, THCs, CBD, HHC, and more. You are not limited in your choice of e-liquid/oil brands as long as they come from safe sources.


Q: Can I adjust the voltage on Artrix Pod System products?
    A: Some Artrix pod batteries offer adjustable voltage settings, while others have fixed settings. Please check the product specifications or user manual for voltage adjustment details.


Q: What if my Artrix product is defective?
    A: If you receive a defective Artrix product, please contact our customer support or the salesperson who contacted with you. We’ll guide you through troubleshooting or arrange for a replacement as per our warranty policy. Your satisfaction is our priority.