Dabgo | The First-Ever Disposable Dab Pen(50pcs)

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· Package List: 50*Dabgos(Pack of 50pcs)

· Tank Volume: 0.5ml

· Dimensions: 3.33*1.27*0.83(in)

· Flat Mesh Ceramic Bowl

· Snap in: Window Cover

· Battery Capacity: 230mAh

· Type-C Charging Enabled

· Recommend Use with: Sugar/Shatter/Badder/Rosin/Live Rosin/Live Resin

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Weight 0.17 kg
Dimensions 11 × 4.9 × 8.6 cm
Unit Count

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dabgo dab pen disposable vape




Tank Volume


Product weight





  Flat Mesh Ceramic Bowl

Mouthpiece Material

  Lead-Free Glass

Tip Type

  Window Cover




dabgo dab pen disposable vape

Step1. Pre-Filling Extracts

Use a spoon to scoop out 0.5g of extracts and place them into the ceramic bowl.

Step2. Level the Extracts and Complete Filling

Ensure that the extracts are fully filled in the ceramic bowl without any residue outside the bowl.

Step3. Snap-in Window Cover

Manually snap in the window cover. There is no requirement for time constraints or product settling after extracts-filling.

Step4. Final Product

It is recommended to store the final product at 8 degrees Celsius(equivalent to 46.4 degrees Fahrenheit), keeping the extract solid. Refrigeration helps prevent the extracts from melting.


Q: How long should I preheat this dabpen, and should I do it multiple times?
A: Different Artrix dabpen products may have varied preheating times, typically ranging from 15 to 20 seconds. Please refer to your product manual for specific details. Generally, preheating once is sufficient, but for more challenging wax types, preheating twice can enhance melting effectiveness.

Q: Can I refill the dabpen myself after finishing the first batch of wax?
A: It’s not recommended to refill disposable dabpens multiple times, as it may compromise the flavor of your precious concentrate or lead to wastage. We suggest using disposable products correctly for the best experience.

Q: What types of concentrates can this dabpen accommodate?
A: Each Artrix dabpen is designed to accommodate different types of concentrates. While they generally work with a wide range, some perform better on this device. Refer to the product description for more details.

Q: Can I adjust the voltage on this product?
A: The availability of a voltage adjustment feature depends on the specific product. Not all Artrix dabpens come with this function. Please choose according to your preferences and requirements.

Q: How many sessions can I get from this dabpen?
A: The number of sessions depends on your preferences and tolerance. Typically, 1g of wax can dab 20 times, and 0.5g can dab about 10 times. We offer dabpens in different capacities to suit your needs, but susually within 1g.

Q: What if my Artrix product is defective?
A: If you receive a defective Artrix product, please contact our customer support or the salesperson who contacted you. We’ll guide you through troubleshooting or arrange for a replacement as per our warranty policy. Your satisfaction is our priority.